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I’ve stopped mid-sentence in conversations when someone in an interesting jumper walked by because I want to finish out the stitch pattern.

I can barely spin, but I’ve the spinning wheel I want all picked out, and have to be restrained fro buying another spindle.

I get cross when people mislabel crochet as knitting. They’re both equally wonderful crafts, I do them both, but they’re also different.

I’m supposed to be reducing my yarn stash, but have somehow ended up with five more skeins for undedicated projects in the last few weeks. Alpaca is just so squishy.

And I’ve reached that point where, despite my friends and family generally being supremely knitworthy, my obsessive yarn-related spiels might start to wear on them soon. Also, I’m moving, and it gives me a way to still spiel at those who desire to listen despite my physical absence.

Hi, my name’s Elysse and I’m a fibre addict.


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  1. I’m Yolande, I’m a yarn addict too 🙂 I wasn’t willing to admit it, until I moved house and my collection of yarn and unfinished projects didn’t fit into the largest box I could find…

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