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The quest for a camera cord continues. I’m finding it rather difficult to write about knitting without some visuals. At least when I talk to people about textiles, I have two things that can influence my conversation: the person’s reaction (of course), and my tendency to talk with my hands. One reason that I love knitting so much is that I don’t like to keep my hands still. When I talk to someone, this manifests itself in large motions, illustrative movements, and gestures to emphasise. When I sit in classes or lectures, this manifests in a copious number of doodles (unless I’ve remembered to take a simple knitting project and to sit in the back, where I’m not a distraction). But when writing about knitting — where your hands are already employed — I need something else to fill in that conceptual gap and to keep me moving. The kinetic is taken. I need the visual to spur me onward.

If this isn’t resolved by Wednesday, y’all are going to suffer through cruddy iPod photos. Sorry!


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