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Some knitters love to knit jumpers (sweaters). I’ve never knit one.

Some knitters love to knit socks. I’ve knit two pairs, though I’d like to knit more.

Some knitters love to knit lace shawls. They scare me a little, though I’ve plans to start a couple small shawlettes and I’ve knit an easy lace scarf.

Me? I love to knit little clever things. Preferably with minimal seams, using complicated or atypical techniques to remove the need for seams. I’ve knit birds, puppies, stellated dodecahedrons, elephants, jellyfish, Daleks, murlocs, and nativities. I lust after single skeins of beautiful yarns, and then use them to make several little odd creatures. I dye small lots of yarn — halves or even thirds of skeins — and then use them together to make multi-coloured odd things. I love little witty knitty things. Not because I dislike larger objects or knitting clothes — I enjoy every aspect of these. But little knitted things are packable, challenging, and quickly satisfying. They’re snack-sized knits, gourment style.

And I’ve a holiday coming up and a bunch of little knitted things to start casting on…


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