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I really want to knit thrummed mittens. They’re a fascinating challenge — little puffs of coloured, loose, unspun wool (thrums) are incorporated into single stitches of a knit mitten, generally into a design. The result is colourwork on the outside, super-puffy-warmness on the inside. The problem is, I have never lived somewhere where the winter gets cold enough to EVER require such warmth. Also, I really dislike mittens. I love fingerless gloves, but I hate not being able to feel the texture of things with my fingertips. I’m a hugely tactile person, and not being able to feel something really, really bothers me. I have to resist myself as it is at art galleries; I won’t force that upon myself in wintertimes unless absolutely necessary. So, unless I find some exceptionally knitworthy folks that live in a cold climate where thrummed mittens would be very useful, I won’t be knitting them anytime soon.

And, as I’m moving to Warm Summer Country soon, I’m starting to worry that I might need to modify my knitting in general for the heat. I’ve never really knit somewhere warm…


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  1. I’ve no idea what these mittens look like, but I certainly think Edinburgh is cold enough to wear any every knitted mittens at once!

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