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Because not every post can be positive:

  1. Sewing in ends.
  2. Sewing pieces together.
  3. That it’s impossible to get gauge. I want to get gauge down to the micrometre, yet it’s difficult half the time to tell whether my yarn is DK or sport weight, let alone my closeness of gauge…it’s futile.
  4. How I always lose darning needles. Always.
  5. Knitter’s cramp.
  6. Sewing in ends. Yes, this is on here twice. But when I cast something off, I want it to be FINISHED. Not needing sewing.

However, to keep this from being a completely sad post, things I like about knitting that I just discovered today:

  1. Yarn ends make good second-grade-style friendship rings.
  2. Sewing in ends can be soothing if you get a rthythm going.
  3. With six double-pointed needles, one can imitate Wolverine.



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