Remember that gradient braid I was spinning for the Tour de Fleece?


I finished it this past Wednesday! After a good round of soak-beat-dry, it evened out and fluffed up perfectly. I was a little worried that it was overplied, but it didn’t have even the slightest bit of twist in the skein – yay!


Look at how that gradient came out – almost no barber-poling! The weight is a little bit off from what I wanted — it’s heavier at the brown end, lighter at the yellow, and a little bit thick-and-thin, so the heaviest bits are worsted and the lightest are fingering. But hey, I fulfilled my 2015 Yarn Goal to spin a gradient braid, so overall I declare this a success!

Of course, that means that I finished my entire Tour de Fleece plans by the fifth day of the Tour.


To fill the gaping hole (and stop the internal monologues of “HOW CAN I HAVE NO PLANS?! I’M A PLANNER! I MAKE TO-DO LISTS FOR FUN!”), I’ve been working on a grey wool from Jamieson and Smith on my Bosworth mini, which was luckily hiding in the depths of my spinning bag (and is also one of my 2015 fiber goals).

Of course, the last time I worked on the Jamieson and Smith wool I was a complete idiot and started spinning in the opposite direction from before… so I had to slowly and carefully un- and re-spin what I’ve already done. Sigh.

So new Tour de Fleece goal: get through half of the remaining Jamieson and Smith roving.


It’s going well!

Still don’t have a Challenge Day idea, though.


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