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Hello all! Rest assured, please, that my radio silence does not indicate anything other than an exceedingly busy life! Changing schedules, dance shows, additional work shifts and sundry special events have kept me away from writing here, though I have a multitude of things that I have been planning to post here, and have thus been working on them during my apparent absence. I have also been re-reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which may account for the language of the post.

Please, dear readers, simply rest assured that though my life has metaphorically drowned me in busyness, I am not yet drowned like Ophelia. However, I have finished a shawl by that name!


The Ophelia Shawl by Hélène Rush is knit side-to-side. Written to be knit with a strand of fingering and mohair, I substituted a soft wool with a small amount of sparkle for the tweedy wool that the pattern calls for. As with most of my favorite patterns, it’s adjustable in size — you hit the middle when you’ve used approximately half the yarn.


It’s primarily a charted pattern, with two charts which you follow simultaneously. While this is a little difficult at the beginning (I recommend having two dedicate row counters — I used knitCompanion!), both charts are actually very easily memorized, so once you’ve done a few repeats there’s no need to look at the pattern again until you reach the mid-point (and from there, once you’ve determined the decreases, until the end!). I’m particularly taken with the little dagged edging — it’s very charming, and I could see myself using that element (or the concept, at least) on other projects.

Ophelia2So, dear friends, rest assured that I am not drowned like Ophelia: I only knit her a shawl!


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