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There are many things I learned during my life in academia, ranging from ecclesiastical Latin (didn’t stick) to how many days I can skimp on sleep in a row before crashing (definitely stuck) to how much coffee I can drink before over-caffeination defeats productiveness (MY HEAD IS FULL OF BEEEEEEES). However, one of the big ones is that a project proposal is really just a declaration of intent and no more. No matter how many timelines you work out (even if based on previous successful ones), no matter how well-thought-out the methodology, no matter how focused the topic, no matter how much color-coding your spreadsheet has, once you get going some (or ALL) of your project will need to be re-configured – or even thrown out (sometimes as early as Day One).

This is all a rather roundabout way of saying that I haven’t forgotten about my Harry Potter read-through plans. In fact, I’ve been working (semi-)diligently at it. But my initial proposal was completely off, so I apologize for the delay. You see, in the last few months I have discovered that:

  • I no longer read books chapter by chapter, and
  • I know these books too damn well, so
  • Stopping after each chapter to write a review without referencing what I know is coming is nearly impossible.

Moreover, on the knitting front:

  • I can totally do plain garter stitch while reading, and some other simple stitches, but
  • I can’t do even the simplest increase. I just plain screw it up, regularly, and end up with things cock-eyed. Also,
  • To knit while reading, I need a very particular set-up of desk, book weight, and comfy chair.
  • This very particular set-up is so not conducive to a life where I’m barely home half the evenings in the week (and don’t have a comfy desk-chair to begin with)

And finally, the big one:

  • If I were to review each volume of Harry Potter chapter-by-chapter, aiming for one review a week (thanks to my busy life, and hoping to have some regular fiber posts as well) (and not even considering that I would completely miss this deadline, I know I would, as I regularly miss posting, thanks to said busy life) it would take me nearly FOUR YEARS to read through the whole series.

FOUR YEARS, PEOPLE. I can’t even commit to the time it takes to knit a sweater!

So, let’s be flexible (and sane) in the approach.

The first problem to solve is the chapter-by-chapter issue. That’s pretty easy – instead of reviewing chapter by chapter, I am going to do more cohesive reviews of the whole book. I reserve the right to reduce this to a significant part of the book when we get to the Doorstops (4 through 7), as well as to reduce the portion I discuss at any one time if

  1. the material calls for it (that is, if I have enough to say about the book at a certain point)
  2. I need to tell you about my project progression!

The problem of where to knit is also easily solved, thanks to the DC Library – I can borrow the audiobooks!! Stuck onto my music-carrying-device, I can knit anywhere and anywhen. If the book is going slower than my knitting, I can catch up while driving.

This also forces me to approach Harry Potter in an entirely new and different way – aurally. Something heard is different from something read, from something watched, from something done. This refreshes Harry Potter and changes the experience – and thus affects what I might share with you!

So this is all a very long way of saying I’m back, the first Potter post is coming sooner rather than later, and I haven’t forgotten you. Onward!


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  1. I may have mentioned this to you, but Jeremy and I read the enter series together somewhat recently by taking turns reading aloud to each other. Mostly on long car trips. I agree that you definitely notice more/different things by either listening to someone else read, or by reading it aloud yourself. Very interesting!

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