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I had a lot of yarn-related goals in 2015 (seven, to be exact). Let’s see how I did!

Write a pattern every 3 months

So I only published one pattern: The Year of the Ram in February.


However, I wrote three other patterns that I haven’t published yet! The first (also finished in February) is a tam out of Noro, which I’m not sure I’m sufficiently happy with, so I might not publish it. The next is a simple shawlette that I want to play with variations (and knit a few) before publishing. The last is a cowl-and-headband set that only hasn’t been published because I’ve been too busy (or under the weather!) between Thanksgiving and now to take photos.

I’m counting this one a win!

Finish one project per month

Which equals twelve projects total.

Above, we have the Year of the Ram, my first Baby Surprise Jacket, my modified Age of Brass and SteamCinder, Ophelia, the matching set of Karite and Brubaker (hat and cowl), and my crocheted Little Bag. Cinder, Ophelia, Karite, and Brubaker were all samples for Knit Locally, while my Little Bag is the result of teaching crochet this fall.

While this is only eight projects, this leaves out the three finished samples for the patterns above (two in February, one in November), a bag I finished in May (no pics, sorry!), and my Dreambird, which I literally cast off on New Year’s Eve (but haven’t blocked yet).

That brings the total up to THIRTEEN – another win! (And my lucky number!)

Weave at least one scarf

What I’m taking away from this is that I reeeeeally need to write here more often (and take more pictures!). I actually wove my first scarf back in spring, but I have no idea if I took any pictures (it’s around my closet, somewhere). Then, come the fall, I wove four more scarves! Here, have a picture of one of them.


SO –  a more-than-win on the weaving front, but a lose on the updating y’all to my adventures. Boo.

Knit the BFF cowl with my friend Sproff

Nope. This didn’t happen. Next year maybe?

Finish spindle-spinning my Shetland roving

Sort of?


Since the Tour de Fleece, I actually finished spinning all the singles. However, I haven’t finished plying. I started plying in November, but being a stubborn sort, I’m insisting on plying on a spindle. I spun the whole lot on my Bosworth mini; I’m gonna ply the whole lot on my Bosworth midi! (Fun fact: in that previous sentence, I tried to write “spinnished” — finished spinning?)

I’ll call this a draw.

Spin up at least one gradient braid from Fiber Optics


I finished my Swamp Muck gradient in July for the Tour de Fleece.

Finally get my spinning wheel!

Yes baby!



I declare 2015 a win on the fiber front. In addition to meeting the majority of my goals and exceeding several, both my Cinder shawl and my Kendo Murloc (from 2014) became featured on their Ravelry pattern pages (Cinder here, Murloc here). It’s always gratifying for others to acknowledge your hard work!

However, I definitely need to post more in 2016.

So…what shall my goals be?


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