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So we’re three weeks into the year and I haven’t posted my Fiber Goals for 2016. However, I believe the time between the solar new year and the lunar new year is a bit of a grey area for all New Year resolutions, escapades, and attempts, so I’m well within my time frame (the lunar new year isn’t until February 8th this year).

First, I want to continue with my 2015 goal of finishing at least twelve projects this year (approximately one per month). This turned out pretty well in 2015, and it’s a way to keep me moving forward. I’m allowing myself a little more leeway in the timeliness of the project, as I realized last year that projects go in fits and starts: twelve projects per year is a more reasonable measurement than one per month.

I also want to work more at getting my work out there. I’m very bad at presenting a thing and saying “Hey look, I made a Thing, and it is Awesome!” (This may be why I’m bad at updating?) As a member of  the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild, a lot of calls for submissions to art shows cross my path. Thus, I want to have at least one fiber art piece in a show (juried or unjuried) this year. Of course, this means I have to make something.

Additionally, a lot of my fiber arts friends (from the Guild, as well as my coworkers at Knit Locally) are very good at entering their work into the local county/town fairs. I am not, but this year I will be! I plan to keep a running tally of my finished work that I will then enter into at least one local fair. I also plan to spin and submit something to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival competitions, as I made a pact about it last year with a spinning friend.

In the vein of getting my work out there, I also want to focus more on my designing this year. Because last year’s goal was writing patterns, I didn’t actually publish many. Therefore, this year my designing goal is to design AND publish 4 new patterns. That’s approximately one every three months.

I also want to be more creative with my fiber adventures (see above on submitting to art shows). I feel like weaving is a really good canvas for a lot of my fiber work, so my goal is to create at least two (if not three) experimental weaving projects this year. I already spend too much time browsing the SAORI (freeform/creative weaving) boards on Ravelry; now’s the time to put what I’ve absorbed into action.

Finally, I have a few practical fiber goals. First, I will finish plying my Shetland roving (hurrah!). I would also like to get hand cards or a drum carder, depending on finances (though I might allow myself to bypass both and get a needle-felting kit instead). Finally, I will wash my two fleeces and start to spin them (wait — did I tell y’all that I got two fleeces? I did!).

No, actually, the true finally: I will post here every week. Get on my case if I don’t. That’s your job, folks.


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