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I just finished the thirteenth hour of my workday. It has been a good but long day, starting in the morning with my crochet student triumphantly finishing her first amigurumi:


Yes, she crocheted Yoda! The Star Wars crochet kit is awesome and adorable, and my dear friend Carolyn bought it for me after I gushed about it. I’m looking forward to crocheting my own figures — though I owe Carolyn some thank-you ones first.

This afternoon, my office was stupid-hot, feeling somewhere in heat between warm bed and tropical jungle. Basically, I had to divest myself of all knitted objects and still felt warm. Of course now ¬†we’re expecting snow on Friday…

And so I find myself at my last shift, knitting a cardigan (fiber goals!) and resisting pillowing my head on it. It’s so cooooozy…


You try resisting that.


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