Names Matter, Part 2

On Sunday, I had coffee with my former co-editor of a postgraduate literature journal (this is a long way to say ‘a colleague who is now a friend’). She’s partially responsible for my meandering post yesterday about names, as she … Continue reading →

Names Matter, Part 1

One of the reasons why I love yarn and fibre-crafts so much is because I also love names. Pattern names may be merely descriptive, but they can also be referential — to designs, to feelings, to places, to events, to … Continue reading →

Packing is Stressful

Therefore, the only obvious response is to sit on your bed cradling as much yarn as you can fit in your arms, drawing on the magical powers of yarn to comfort and protect. Then start giggling at how silly you … Continue reading →

New Fibre Craft!

Today I went with lovely friends and family to the reenactment event at Linlithgow Palace. There was jousting. Oh, was there jousting. There were geeky references made. There was over-enthusiasm the likes of which only I can muster. And there … Continue reading →

The Concept and Issues of ‘Knitworthy’

‘Knitworthy’ is a pun. Knitters like pun. So do medievalists. As I also like puns, this may explain both my choice in hobbies, academics, and friends. ‘Knitworthy’, of course, riffs on ‘noteworthy’. But what it really means is exactly what … Continue reading →


…I graduated and received my PhD. Yay! … Continue reading →


I am fascinated by the structural aspects of fibre arts. Obviously, most folks are familiar with the structural aspects of fabric (most obviously in stuffed toys, but less so in everyday clothes, which take advantage of the structural and flexible … Continue reading →

The Problem With Climate

I really want to knit thrummed mittens. They’re a fascinating challenge — little puffs of coloured, loose, unspun wool (thrums) are incorporated into single stitches of a knit mitten, generally into a design. The result is colourwork on the outside, … Continue reading →

What I Did Yesterday

So the wedding yesterday was that of my most awesome friend Fiona to her equally awesome now-husband Tom. As a bridesmaid, I had ONE major job on the day:manage the dress. During the ceremony, this mostly meant manipulating the trains … Continue reading →

I’m at a wedding

So have a Dalek. … Continue reading →