Looking Forward: 2016 Fiber Goals


So we’re three weeks into the year and I haven’t posted my Fiber Goals for 2016. However, I believe the time between the solar new year and the lunar new year is a bit of a grey area for all New Year … Continue reading →

Looking Back: 2015


I had a lot of yarn-related goals in 2015 (seven, to be exact). Let’s see how I did! Write a pattern every 3 months So I only published one pattern: The Year of the Ram in February. However, I wrote three other patterns … Continue reading →

Let’s cut to the chase


I GOT A WHEEL. So fun story: back in the beginning of the fall, a lovely friend from one of my spinning groups let me borrow her Ashford Traveller wheel (which is a castle, or upright, wheel; hers also had two … Continue reading →

Farewell to Fall


And good riddance! Folks, this fall has been horribly busy, and although there have been wonderful fibery things, I have not had a chance to share them with you! I meant to catch up over Thanksgiving, but then the relief of actually … Continue reading →

A confession


There are many things I learned during my life in academia, ranging from ecclesiastical Latin (didn’t stick) to how many days I can skimp on sleep in a row before crashing (definitely stuck) to how much coffee I can drink … Continue reading →

Drowned like Ophelia


Hello all! Rest assured, please, that my radio silence does not indicate anything other than an exceedingly busy life! Changing schedules, dance shows, additional work shifts and sundry special events have kept me away from writing here, though I have a multitude … Continue reading →

Le Fin de Fleece


The Tour de France (and thus, the Tour de Fleece) finished yesterday! Thus, it’s high time for a wrap-up. So in just enough time to spare last week, I figured out my challenge day spinning. Uncreatively, I decided to just spin thick … Continue reading →



Remember that gradient braid I was spinning for the Tour de Fleece? I finished it this past Wednesday! After a good round of soak-beat-dry, it evened out and fluffed up perfectly. I was a little worried that it was overplied, but it … Continue reading →


Cinder by Jen Lucas from Sock Yarn Shawls II, knit in Wooly Wonka Fibers Arianrhod Sock colorway Rain Forest. Shop sample for Knit Locally, which currently has both Sock Yarn Shawls II and a variety of gradients (including Wooly Wonka’s Arianrhod Sock) in stock.

The Return of the Tour de Fleece!


It’s that time of year again — the Tour de Fleece! For those who are new to this blog (or aren’t spinners), the Tour de Fleece has a very simple premise: it happens each year at the same time as the … Continue reading →