Other Crafts I’ve Done, and the Terrifying Results

There was a time when I crocheted far more than I do now. This was also the time whe I made chainmail (amusingly, also called ‘knitting’) much more often than I do now. The result of doing these two crafts … Continue reading →

Things I Dislike About Knitting

Because not every post can be positive: Sewing in ends. Sewing pieces together. That it’s impossible to get gauge. I want to get gauge down to the micrometre, yet it’s difficult half the time to tell whether my yarn is … Continue reading →

I see the light…

…on a new camera-card reader! To celebrate, today you’re getting some teasing visuals; these will be fully discussed soon-ish: … Continue reading →

Little Knitted Things

Some knitters love to knit jumpers (sweaters). I’ve never knit one. Some knitters love to knit socks. I’ve knit two pairs, though I’d like to knit more. Some knitters love to knit lace shawls. They scare me a little, though … Continue reading →

Lack of Visuals

The quest for a camera cord continues. I’m finding it rather difficult to write about knitting without some visuals. At least when I talk to people about textiles, I have two things that can influence my conversation: the person’s reaction … Continue reading →

At Starbucks (a play in one act)

With apologies to Julia, who will not be able to use this in her research. (A Starbucks in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is raining outside. An older couple are ordering drinks.Two blondes, FIONA and ELYSSE, walk in. Somewhat damp, they join … Continue reading →


This evening I spent fully in the kitchen, alternating between making dinner and dyeing yarn. I fully intended to have a lovely, picture-laden post of this — but my camera cord is missing. I might have to make do with … Continue reading →

Casting On

I’ve stopped mid-sentence in conversations when someone in an interesting jumper walked by because I want to finish out the stitch pattern. I can barely spin, but I’ve the spinning wheel I want all picked out, and have to be … Continue reading →