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Full of It


Over this past spring, I got quite into fulling, so I thought I’d share with you all the hows, whats, and whys of fulling. First, both “fulling” and “felting” mean roughly the same thing: both describe the process of agitating … Continue reading →

Harry Potter Project Plans!


One more introductory post, I swear, and then I’ll get on to the read-through. However, for anyone who wants to knit along, or just know my plans, I wanted to cover the guidelines that I’ve set myself for fibering my … Continue reading →

My History with Harry (Potter)


I never meant to read Harry Potter. I was at an age where I despised anything trendy for being trendy (wait – was I a hipster before being a hipster was cool?). Anyway, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban … Continue reading →

The Age of Brass and Steam

Age of Brass and Steam

Occasionally I finish something! This is the free pattern The Age of Brass and Steam, knit in Blue Ridge Yarns’ Footlights in the River Rocks colorway. I thought the colors of Footlights’ four mini-skeins fit the pattern name, as if a sepia photograph … Continue reading →

And now, for something completely different.

Today is, roughly, this blog’s third anniversary. I say “roughly” because the blog’s initial launch was slowly through June, but today is close enough. Also, I’ve never been good at remembering important dates. So today I wanted to write about something … Continue reading →

Can’t Sleep

Maryland Sheep and Wool is tomorrow!!

Recent spinning

March opened with snow, so I curled up with wool. Blue-faced Leicester, if you must know. Approximately 226 yards of fingering(ish) weight. I think it wants to be a cowl. … Continue reading →

Cute as a button

I have kind of an unspoken but well-understood agreement with my friends who are in committed relationships: they don’t ask when I’m going to meet someone, and I don’t ask when they’re going to have kids. This is actually completely unnecessary, … Continue reading →

Oh man…

On Monday, I cast on what is turning out to be a very satisfying garter-stitch project. Unfortunately, I’m hitting the point today where my hands are starting to ache from knitting. Foolish me doesn’t take enough breaks / stretch my … Continue reading →