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Maryland Sheep and Wool 2016!


Hey all! It’s been nearly two weeks since the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival — sorry for the delay in my annual wrap up! In brief, I got to hit pretty much everything I wanted to, and multiple times at that … Continue reading →

Returning to Textile Ternions


Now, for an addendum to my initial post on Textile Ternions by Diana Guenther! First, the most important update is that the exhibit is still hanging! From what I heard, it will hang until around March 12, so if you … Continue reading →

Le Fin de Fleece


The Tour de France (and thus, the Tour de Fleece) finished yesterday! Thus, it’s high time for a wrap-up. So in just enough time to spare last week, I figured out my challenge day spinning. Uncreatively, I decided to just spin thick … Continue reading →

The Return of the Tour de Fleece!


It’s that time of year again — the Tour de Fleece! For those who are new to this blog (or aren’t spinners), the Tour de Fleece has a very simple premise: it happens each year at the same time as the … Continue reading →

Can’t Sleep

Maryland Sheep and Wool is tomorrow!!

That Time of Year, Part 2

Finally, I’m able to talk about the bit of Maryland Sheep and Wool that will last me for some time to come: the shopping! I won these two beautiful shuttles in the auction. They’re incredibly pretty, feel wonderful in the … Continue reading →

That Time of Year, Part 1

In case you weren’t paying attention, last weekend was Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! I slapped on my Sweet Summer Tam, threw my wellies in the back of my car in case the previous week’s ‘monsoon’ had killed the festival … Continue reading →