Returning to Textile Ternions


Now, for an addendum to my initial post on Textile Ternions by Diana Guenther! First, the most important update is that the exhibit is still hanging! From what I heard, it will hang until around March 12, so if you … Continue reading →

An update from my spinning group


My friend Liz got a Hansen minispinner. If you are unfamiliar with spinning wheels (as, to my surprise, most of the world is), Hansen minispinners are electric. Running off either a plug or battery, a wee motor drives the flyer … Continue reading →

The Kendo Murloc

Let me tell you about the geekiness of myself and my friend Kristin. No, that would take too long. Let me sum up. … Actually, a comprehensive summary would take too long, too. Let’s just go straight to the fact … Continue reading →

Gang aft a-gley

Dear readers, I apologise for missing the last few weeks. It’s been a bit manic, going through Thanksgiving and coming out the other side. My friend Julia was in town for Thanksgiving and the time surrounding it, so there was … Continue reading →

I have never been this capslocky in my life.

OMG U GUYZ. SRSLY. GUYS. So I know I said that I needed more energy to properly exclaim the level of AWESOME that this is. I don’t currently have that energy. BUT I HAVE WINE AND WHEN DISCUSSING GIDDINESS WINE … Continue reading →

When you know you shouldn’t.

When you know you shouldn’t begin a new row, because you’ve just finished the 2×2 rib and are moving on to cabling, but you know your friend is about to walk through the Arrivals gate at the airport and you … Continue reading →

(Receiving) Knitting

This is kind of a companion piece to my earlier post on being knitworthy. It may seem very odd to knit for people who are knitters–they could just make it for themselves, right? Au contraire. Knitters are the most knitworthy … Continue reading →

The Concept and Issues of ‘Knitworthy’

‘Knitworthy’ is a pun. Knitters like pun. So do medievalists. As I also like puns, this may explain both my choice in hobbies, academics, and friends. ‘Knitworthy’, of course, riffs on ‘noteworthy’. But what it really means is exactly what … Continue reading →

What I Did Yesterday

So the wedding yesterday was that of my most awesome friend Fiona to her equally awesome now-husband Tom. As a bridesmaid, I had ONE major job on the day:manage the dress. During the ceremony, this mostly meant manipulating the trains … Continue reading →