By a Thousand Cuts


This post is summed up pretty well by the fact that I already wrote it once… and then my iPad WordPress app deleted half of the first draft. It’s been a long couple of months, where everything felt like it … Continue reading →

The Thirteenth Hour


I just finished the thirteenth hour of my workday. It has been a good but long day, starting in the morning with my crochet student triumphantly finishing her first amigurumi: Yes, she crocheted Yoda! The Star Wars crochet kit is … Continue reading →

Reuse, Recycle

When I started crocheting and knitting, I made a lot of rubbish.Things that were poorly put together or that I would  never use. Hats that were too small, or just plain ugly. I even started crocheting squares for a blanket…despite … Continue reading →

I am vexed (she says, collapsing upon the fainting couch)

So right now, I am rather vexed. All my yarny type things–my needles, my project bags, my few batches of roving, and, of course, my yarn–is in a pile in the corner of my room (this excludes my spindle, which … Continue reading →

The Concept and Issues of ‘Knitworthy’

‘Knitworthy’ is a pun. Knitters like pun. So do medievalists. As I also like puns, this may explain both my choice in hobbies, academics, and friends. ‘Knitworthy’, of course, riffs on ‘noteworthy’. But what it really means is exactly what … Continue reading →


I am fascinated by the structural aspects of fibre arts. Obviously, most folks are familiar with the structural aspects of fabric (most obviously in stuffed toys, but less so in everyday clothes, which take advantage of the structural and flexible … Continue reading →

What I Did Yesterday

So the wedding yesterday was that of my most awesome friend Fiona to her equally awesome now-husband Tom. As a bridesmaid, I had ONE major job on the day:manage the dress. During the ceremony, this mostly meant manipulating the trains … Continue reading →

Casting On

I’ve stopped mid-sentence in conversations when someone in an interesting jumper walked by because I want to finish out the stitch pattern. I can barely spin, but I’ve the spinning wheel I want all picked out, and have to be … Continue reading →