By a Thousand Cuts


This post is summed up pretty well by the fact that I already wrote it once… and then my iPad WordPress app deleted half of the first draft. It’s been a long couple of months, where everything felt like it … Continue reading →



Around a year after finishing my doctorate, I was in a coffee shop with one of my supervisors catching up and discussing my future. The coffee shop was part of the Dovecot Gallery and Tapestry Studio in Edinburgh, which just happened to … Continue reading →

Full of It


Over this past spring, I got quite into fulling, so I thought I’d share with you all the hows, whats, and whys of fulling. First, both “fulling” and “felting” mean roughly the same thing: both describe the process of agitating … Continue reading →

Snowbound projects

Winter is supposed to be waning — the local groundhog has been very active. Yet the snow insists on staying around, all three layers of it (plus ice). The yarn shop has been closed the last three Sundays thanks to … Continue reading →

2015 Yarn Goals

write a pattern every 3 months finish one project per month weave at least one scarf knit the BFF cowl with my friend Sproff finish spindle-spinning my Shetland roving — I do NOT spindle quickly! spin up at least one of my gradient braids from Fiber … Continue reading →

That Time of Year, Part 2

Finally, I’m able to talk about the bit of Maryland Sheep and Wool that will last me for some time to come: the shopping! I won these two beautiful shuttles in the auction. They’re incredibly pretty, feel wonderful in the … Continue reading →


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Too Much to Say


So basically, I haven’t been good at updating because there’s too much to mention. It’s overwhelming how much I’ve done in the last few weeks (at minimum: finished my second regular weaving, spun like whoa, learned how to tablet weave, and finished my first sweater). Have … Continue reading →

Weave, Spin, Knit, Sew

It’s been a very busy week on the fiber front, with knitting, sewing, and spinning. Part of this is because I’ve been participating in Ravelry‘s Ravellenics, which occurs concurrently with the Olympics. I’d intended to work on my Painter’s Sweater … Continue reading →

Back and Forth

So! Last Sunday my loom came home with me. During the week, I warped my first warp ever (eeeeeee!) and by Saturday, I had woven all of it up and was able to cut off the loom my first ever … Continue reading →