How to Make a Slipknot


Something very peculiar happens when someone starts learning to knit or crochet: They forget how to make a slipknot. I’ve seen this again and again; there’s something about applying an old learned skill to a new art that causes them to … Continue reading →

Le Fin de Fleece


The Tour de France (and thus, the Tour de Fleece) finished yesterday! Thus, it’s high time for a wrap-up. So in just enough time to spare last week, I figured out my challenge day spinning. Uncreatively, I decided to just spin thick … Continue reading →

Full of It


Over this past spring, I got quite into fulling, so I thought I’d share with you all the hows, whats, and whys of fulling. First, both “fulling” and “felting” mean roughly the same thing: both describe the process of agitating … Continue reading →

Remember Your Thimble

Tonight I did a lot of fine knitting and sewing, which means that my fingertips are a little ouchy. I’ve some pretty tough fingers, but shoving small metal sewing needles through thick fabric is always a recipe for ouchiness. I … Continue reading →

Things they don’t tell you about

Here’s something that people aren’t really told about knitting: sometimes, yarn will shed dye. So far, this has only happened to me with blue yarns (and wool). I have a set of DPNs that have a vaguely bluish cast to … Continue reading →

How to Relax (a ‘knitting’ pattern)

Knit a row. Knit another row. Drink wine. K1, p1. Begin lace chart. Realise lace chart is on iPod, so can expand to see stitch order better. *Eat chocolate truffles. Remind self that knitting needles are not weapons, and bloodstains … Continue reading →