Enter, Sheepishly

Pun not originally intended, but take it as you will. It’s been over a month (eep, month an a half?!) since my last post here, and I am ashamed. There has been plenty to post about, but I just haven’t … Continue reading →

Summer of Swag

Operation Fussy Little Pearl (see my last post) is slowly getting underway, but first, let’s take a step back and talk a little more about the summer. See, I may have over-compensated for my lost creative mojo by indulging in buying pretty things. This, … Continue reading →

Did You Know

…that many animals that produce fibres used in clothing have their fur/hair plucked or collected, not shorn (cut)? This includes angora rabbits, several breeds of sheep, camels, and muskox (who produced qiviut). However, other animals need to be slaughtered to … Continue reading →