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Enter, Sheepishly

Pun not originally intended, but take it as you will. It’s been over a month (eep, month an a half?!) since my last post here, and I am ashamed. There has been plenty to post about, but I just haven’t … Continue reading →

Maryland Sheep and Wool 2016!


Hey all! It’s been nearly two weeks since the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival — sorry for the delay in my annual wrap up! In brief, I got to hit pretty much everything I wanted to, and multiple times at that … Continue reading →

By a Thousand Cuts


This post is summed up pretty well by the fact that I already wrote it once… and then my iPad WordPress app deleted half of the first draft. It’s been a long couple of months, where everything felt like it … Continue reading →

Can’t Sleep

Maryland Sheep and Wool is tomorrow!!

Autumn Goodies

It’s now December, which means it’s beyond time to finish my autumn catch-up (and time to figure out how to discuss Christmas knits without giving them away)! This past May at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I discovered Fiber Optic Yarn and fell … Continue reading →

Ah, Sweet Summer…

I have literally been meaning to post this for almost ten months. I’ve a small backlog of posts like that, actually. Hopefully they’ll someday see the light of day, but that daylight needs to be just right. And for this, it’s right: … Continue reading →

That Time of Year, Part 2

Finally, I’m able to talk about the bit of Maryland Sheep and Wool that will last me for some time to come: the shopping! I won these two beautiful shuttles in the auction. They’re incredibly pretty, feel wonderful in the … Continue reading →

That Time of Year, Part 1

In case you weren’t paying attention, last weekend was Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! I slapped on my Sweet Summer Tam, threw my wellies in the back of my car in case the previous week’s ‘monsoon’ had killed the festival … Continue reading →

Knits for my Father

  I have a bad habit of giving myself too many things to do, generally along the lines of “This week, I will knit two Christmas gifts, write and knit a new pattern, take pictures for three other patterns, wash … Continue reading →