How to Make a Slipknot


Something very peculiar happens when someone starts learning to knit or crochet: They forget how to make a slipknot. I’ve seen this again and again; there’s something about applying an old learned skill to a new art that causes them to … Continue reading →

Drowned like Ophelia


Hello all! Rest assured, please, that my radio silence does not indicate anything other than an exceedingly busy life! Changing schedules, dance shows, additional work shifts and sundry special events have kept me away from writing here, though I have a multitude … Continue reading →


Cinder by Jen Lucas from Sock Yarn Shawls II, knit in Wooly Wonka Fibers Arianrhod Sock colorway Rain Forest. Shop sample for Knit Locally, which currently has both Sock Yarn Shawls II and a variety of gradients (including Wooly Wonka’s Arianrhod Sock) in stock.

The Age of Brass and Steam

Age of Brass and Steam

Occasionally I finish something! This is the free pattern The Age of Brass and Steam, knit in Blue Ridge Yarns’ Footlights in the River Rocks colorway. I thought the colors of Footlights’ four mini-skeins fit the pattern name, as if a sepia photograph … Continue reading →

Brung Low by Knitting

On the third day of Christmas, my knitting gave to me: panic over colours, sore arm tendons, and a project that had to be ripped out twice. I should probably add that these are from three different projects, by the … Continue reading →


It’s November! Officially, in my house, it is now allowable to play Christmas carols. They can be played in other times of the year, of course, but that’s technically ‘breaking the rules’. And no, we don’t wait until December, because … Continue reading →


The new shawl is currently miles and miles and MILES of stockinette. This is partially because I accidentally bought 170 more yards than I needed to, and the response to a changeable-size shall is MAKE IT BIGGER. To make up … Continue reading →


The new shawlette knitting continues. It may end up being larger than either of the last two, seeing as I bought more yarn than required and the pattern includes instructions on how to increase the size. I also want to … Continue reading →

This is now a trend

I spent most of today watching videos and knitting on… another small shawl. Three makes a trend! I’m not sure why I’m knitting so many shawls at once — it could be a coincidence of having just the right amount … Continue reading →


I swear, this is the last Old Man of Storr shawlette post. But I finished blocking it and it’s ready to be worn, and it just came out so nicely — the edges are straight now and everything! … Continue reading →