Enter, Sheepishly

Pun not originally intended, but take it as you will. It’s been over a month (eep, month an a half?!) since my last post here, and I am ashamed. There has been plenty to post about, but I just haven’t … Continue reading →

Tour de Fleece!

Yes, I’ve been participating in the Tour de Fleece. For those of you who don’t know, the Tour de Fleece is a spinning event that runs concurrently with the Tour de France that can be summed up as “you spin … Continue reading →

That Time of Year, Part 2

Finally, I’m able to talk about the bit of Maryland Sheep and Wool that will last me for some time to come: the shopping! I won these two beautiful shuttles in the auction. They’re incredibly pretty, feel wonderful in the … Continue reading →


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All spun up

So I’ve picked up spinning again. And by “picked up”, I mean that a month ago I borrowed three books on spinning from my guild, three weeks ago I joined my guild’s spinning group, two weeks ago I’d finished two … Continue reading →

Summertime in France

All righty, folks. Finally, at the end of October, we have reached the final chapter of my summertime adventures. We end where the adventures began: in Paris! The following finds are all from the Louvre. I’m sure the details about … Continue reading →

My long and unexplained absence

So. It’s been over two months since I last posted, and so much has happened. There’s no big reason for my absence. I was just very busy. Do I begin with the patterns that I successfully designed and knit? Or … Continue reading →