By a Thousand Cuts


This post is summed up pretty well by the fact that I already wrote it once… and then my iPad WordPress app deleted half of the first draft. It’s been a long couple of months, where everything felt like it … Continue reading →

Year of the Ram

The Lunar New Year (also commonly known as Chinese New Year in the US) begins on Thursday! Even though I haven’t been to any full-on celebrations since I left California over a decade ago, and haven’t celebrated at all since I stopped living in … Continue reading →

The Kendo Murloc

Let me tell you about the geekiness of myself and my friend Kristin. No, that would take too long. Let me sum up. … Actually, a comprehensive summary would take too long, too. Let’s just go straight to the fact … Continue reading →

Brung Low by Knitting

On the third day of Christmas, my knitting gave to me: panic over colours, sore arm tendons, and a project that had to be ripped out twice. I should probably add that these are from three different projects, by the … Continue reading →

In Scotland

The title is misleading — I have been returned from Scotland for two weeks, but I have been busy returning to the rhythm of life, writing papers (I have three, through no-one’s fault of my own, due between mid-May and … Continue reading →

Back in Action: A Christmas Catch-Up VLOG!

Notes for the video: The Principles of Knitting is by June Hiatt; I have the second edition and it is fabulous. Super-Scary Mochimochi is from Mochimochi Land; one of the first patterns I ever knit was their Stackable Cats. Ysolda … Continue reading →

Never enough yarn

Well, I’ve mostly run out of yarn on the small fiddly Christmassy things. This means that there’s a little bit of yarn left, but the things are not finished. This means I shall need a yarn-store-trip soon. But only soon, … Continue reading →


Today I’ve been working on Christmas secrets, and I’m getting very tired of short rows. I’m also getting tired of how slow it is going. And I’m spending most of tomorrow on a plane, so no knitting then. Sigh. … Continue reading →

Pick Up Stitches

So today I finished the small things that cannot be named that were hurting my fingers last night, and therefore started on new (related) small things. These new small things knit surprisingly fast. It’s knit in two bits; the first … Continue reading →

Who Knits

Tonight was an important night. Tonight, Doctor Who started again. It’s also a bit of a bittersweet night. Though my mum loves Doctor Who, it’s very odd to watch it with family instead of my old flatmates. After all, one … Continue reading →