Around a year after finishing my doctorate, I was in a coffee shop with one of my supervisors catching up and discussing my future. The coffee shop was part of the Dovecot Gallery and Tapestry Studio in Edinburgh, which just happened to … Continue reading →

A story of wool, told in pictures.

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The end of the month

Well, it would be shameful if I let this month go out without a blog post. The reason for silence is, as always, not because nothing is happening but because EVERYTHING is happening. I spent the majority of the month … Continue reading →

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Remind me not to take my father yarn shopping. Not because he’s bad at it, no! Never! Because he’s far too good at it, and I end up walking out with far more (beautiful, beautiful) skeins than I intended. See, last … Continue reading →

A month of silence

Hey, folks. So it’s been over a month without me updating here. It was a long month, and though there was a lot of good, there was a lot of bad, too. I won’t be sharing much of the bad, … Continue reading →

Knits for my Father

  I have a bad habit of giving myself too many things to do, generally along the lines of “This week, I will knit two Christmas gifts, write and knit a new pattern, take pictures for three other patterns, wash … Continue reading →

Summertime in France

All righty, folks. Finally, at the end of October, we have reached the final chapter of my summertime adventures. We end where the adventures began: in Paris! The following finds are all from the Louvre. I’m sure the details about … Continue reading →

Summertime in Germany

As promised in my previous blog-post, we continue the catch-up by travelling back in (summer)time to Germany! As I stated in my post on the Netherlands, I didn’t find any yarn/shops in Germany (my yarn-fu failed me). And though I … Continue reading →

Textiles in the Netherlands, 2013

Before London, I travelled around the Netherlands with Yolande. She’s originally from Groningen (in the north), and OH MY GOSH THERE WERE PONIES EVERYWHERE. Much of this part of the holiday was spent doing Very Local and Dutch Things, such … Continue reading →

Costume in London 2013, Part 2

In my last post, I stated that when I was in London I took far too many costuming pictures to show all of them. This is the reason why… WE WENT TO HOGWARTS AND IT WAS AMAZING. I mean, I … Continue reading →