I’m Elysse, and I’m addicted to fiber arts!

A knitter, crocheter, and spindle-spinner, I’m also a beginning  weaver, amateur costumer, aspiring seamstress, and occasional quilter and needlepointer. One of these days, I should probably try embroidery too.

I particularly love animal fibers (wool is wonderful, and alpacas are adorable) and I am inspired by international and historical textile traditions.

I also love literature! In 2012 I completed my Ph.D. in Medieval Studies, in which I incorporated art history and costume history into literary studies. However, I love more than just literature: I love all stories, whether oral or written, comic book or poetry, television or film.

In 2011 I won the Jimmy Beans Wool Beans for Brains Scholarship with my knitted chess set, which helped me finish my graduate studies at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. On completion I moved to the Washington, DC area, where I’m often found at Potomac Fiber Arts Guild events or acting as a yarn enabler at Knit Locally.

I hope that your time here will introduce you to the joy of text and textiles!


About Unspun

Putting the text in textile!

Created in 2012, Unspun was originally a blog where I could update my friends about my knitting and crochet projects, since my friends rapidly scattered across the globe — I wasn’t letting them get away! It quickly expanded to include my adventures in spinning, weaving, and costuming. However, something was missing.

Over the next three years, I slowly realized what was absent: art and story. Literary quotes were always part of Unspun, but the blog lacked an artistic consciousness. I was missing the text from textile!

Thus, Unspun was softly relaunched on its third birthday in 2015, refocused on integrating fiber, story, and art. Whether it is stories about project problems, galleries of knitted soft-sculptures, technical discoveries, or a discussion of film costuming, you might find it here. Inspirations may come from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, pop culture, the traditional arts and clothing of Asia (yes, all of Asia!), fantasy literature, the Arthurian mythos, contemporary fiber artists, or a really good article I read.

Don’t be surprised if a bit of fashion shows up, too!