Looking Forward: 2016 Fiber Goals


So we’re three weeks into the year and I haven’t posted my Fiber Goals for 2016. However, I believe the time between the solar new year and the lunar new year is a bit of a grey area for all New Year … Continue reading →

Looking Back: 2015


I had a lot of yarn-related goals in 2015 (seven, to be exact). Let’s see how I did! Write a pattern every 3 months So I only published one pattern: The Year of the Ram in February. However, I wrote three other patterns … Continue reading →

2015 Yarn Goals

write a pattern every 3 months finish one project per month weave at least one scarf knit the BFF cowl with my friend Sproff finish spindle-spinning my Shetland roving — I do NOT spindle quickly! spin up at least one of my gradient braids from Fiber … Continue reading →

2014 is over.

Let’s hear it for 2015! Luckily, there’s a few more days left before Twelfth Night, so my Christmas round-up is technically not yet belated. Happy New Year, all. Let’s make it a warm and woolly one.

The end of the month

Well, it would be shameful if I let this month go out without a blog post. The reason for silence is, as always, not because nothing is happening but because EVERYTHING is happening. I spent the majority of the month … Continue reading →

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Remind me not to take my father yarn shopping. Not because he’s bad at it, no! Never! Because he’s far too good at it, and I end up walking out with far more (beautiful, beautiful) skeins than I intended. See, last … Continue reading →

A month of silence

Hey, folks. So it’s been over a month without me updating here. It was a long month, and though there was a lot of good, there was a lot of bad, too. I won’t be sharing much of the bad, … Continue reading →

Where things stand: Demoralized

So. My computer had a small disaster — a forceful confrontation with the floor, which killed the hard drive. Luckily, I’ve most everything I need backed up, but some things were lost (graphs of rough-drafted patterns; updated, rewritten patterns almost … Continue reading →

Last time I looked, it was still September.

Whoa. How did a month go by? You know, I made this really great resolution to write a blog-post every Friday and post it no later than Sunday (depending on when I was able to format photos) and then, somehow, … Continue reading →